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For those of you “still on the fence” there is still time to sign up for the best fresh air experience in Georgeville !


GNS members get maps….

This is the same time we wrote last year so perhaps we are not so far behind as we thought. We still do not have enough snow to make all the trails easily skiable, however, those in the higher elevations, such as the Blue Triangle and Straessle Loop are quite skiable.  But keep doing your “Snow Dances” for more snow!

Respecting Covid restrictions, GNS plans to organize some limited outdoor activities, please mark them in your calendars – more information will follow

Ski Day Saturday, January 29,

Fun Ski Saturday, February 19,

Fun Ski Saturday March 5,

End of Season Event and Thank You, April 30,

Alas, again this year, there will be no Ski Day Supper.

Happy skiing and let’s hope for more snow !

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